Get To The Top Sooner

New Apex agents get to their first sale faster. On average, Apex agents reach their first sale after 68 days, crushing the industry average of 180+ days.

Top Producer Coaching

We believe that great coaches must have been great agents first. All of our sales managers were top producers before leading their sales professionals.

Exclusive Tools

We have exclusive programs, such as our From Your Friends program and our CBx Buyer Locater, that help you rise and stay above the rest.


The classes new real estate professionals take to get licensed are only the beginning. At Apex, we have developed an innovative curriculum that teaches you everything you need to know to get to the top, fast. We cover topics such as how to grow your sphere of influence, how write a contract properly. how to gain business from holding open houses, how to navigate the digital world of real estate and the ethical solutions to common tricky situtations just to name a few. This course is taughted by our Director of New Agent Success, Debbie Holland, a former top producer and sales manager who is a 30 year vet in the real estate world. This month long program equips our new agents with everything they need to know to launch their career. 

Apex Agents Rise To The Top Faster

TOPS Is So Amazing, Even Our Experienced Agents Rave About It!

“I would highly recommend attending the TOPS class. As an experienced agent I have developed a lot of negative habits over the years and this class took me back to the basics to remind me of everything I should be doing consistently to generate business and to keep my pipeline of business and income flowing every month. The class also brought me up-to-date on all the latest and greatest tools and technology Coldwell Banker Apex has to offer to help make my job easier and to keep me competitive in the market.”

Paula Gatlin

Rockwall/Heath Office

“I recently completed the TOPS class. I was inspired to take this class as I saw new agents completing this class and really producing. I was curious to know what they were learning. As an experienced agent this class was a great refresher and reminder of how important it is to do the basics activities.  It is the basic activities that keep our business thriving. This class challenged me to do some activities that I had not done in a very long time, such as the seven second presentation, holding open houses and door knocking expireds. 

I saw the importance of planning my week on Sunday evening. This helped me to focus and write in my day planner the names of people that I would be calling each day during my daily prospecting time. This was an amazing time saver and it helped me to make more contacts each day. The energy is great sitting among new, energetic, excited agents who are eager to learn the business.

We were daily reminded “People Over Paper” activities is what makes us money. I keep this phrase in my mind daily to keep me focused on people activities as that is what generates business. 

I recommend this class to agents who want to jump start their business. Many thanks to Lori Arnold and Debbie Holland.”

Roslyn Broach

Garland/Firewheel Office

“For me, the TOPS training class came along at just the right time in my career.   As an experienced agent of 25+ years, I thought I knew what to do, to jump start my business.  Well, for the past seven months I had been doing everything I thought would point me in the right direction.  But I was going in circles.  Then Lori mentioned the TOPS class to me.  Reluctantly, I signed up for the class.  I went into the first class thinking I already knew the things I should be doing, I just needed to get out there and do it.  But I was so wrong. The TOPS class takes you back to the beginning and it challenged me.  I was being held accountable for completing a variety of tasks, and it was working. By the end of TOPS, I graduated with a different attitude. I was ready and charged up. I wanted to go out and sell houses. I was making the required calls, setting and holding appointments, building my data base, holding open houses, delivering my pop-buys, hand writing my notes, and so much more. 


Since TOPS ended 5 weeks ago,  I have closed on 2 properties, I have 2 more going to closing on the 26th of this month, I am working with a seller on a ‘coming soon’ before the end of the week, and I have my 5 future buyers and 5 future sellers lined up.  Real estate is my passion and my job. I go to the office every single day. I am excited about real estate again.


I am very grateful for this great company, and for Lori Arnold’s personal instinct of knowing what her agents need. “

Shirley Gardner

Rockwall Office

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training is offered for new agents?

Not all training is created equal.  Ours is heads and shoulders above the rest.  We have a full time Director of New Agent Success who is devoted to training our new agents.  TOPS is the name of our new agent program and it is purposely taught in a manner that you get to apply what you have learned, making it that much more effective.  

Is there a separate cost for new agent training?

Because our business model is an all inclusive one for the agent, there is no out of pocket cost for any of our training, including the new agent training (TOPS).

How long will it be before I will have a closing?

At Coldwell Banker Apex, we track results.  The average number of days from licensing to first commission check for our new agents is 68 days.  That is far shorter than the National average as well as most of our local competitors.  We are serious about helping you grow your business and that starts from the time you sign up and goes throughout your career.

Do you offer any coaching and what does it cost?

We take a strong interest in developing our agents’ careers. We offer group coaching in our $100K & $300K clubs, individualize coaching and goal tracking through our hands-on coaching through our Leadership Team and Broker-Owner. 

Additionally, we have tons of educational, skill-based and technical training every month taught by our Broker, Director of Education and various Sales Managers. 

Most importantly, all of our coaching is FREE.

What office can I work out of?

All Apex agents can work at ANY location. We give you one key that fits every door! You can connect to WiFi, print and use an individual office space at any of our 10 offices. 

APEX agents do not pay anything for this unique system.

Are they any sign-up or application fees to join CB Apex?

Absolutely not! As a new agent, you need that money to get your career up and running. There are so many opportunity to use that money in marketing yourself to your sphere of influence so you begin selling houses as quickly as possible.

Why does CB Apex offer so much at no extra cost?

We do not believe in the industry trend to nickle and dime our agents. When an agent sells a house, we both benefit. We would rather you sell as many houses as you desire. It provides the best opportunity for both you and us to provide for our families and loved ones.